Some of the instruments you play are unfamiliar to me...would you explain some of those odd-looking music makers?

Craicmore responded on 09/07/2010

From program notes 4 Craicmore Orchestral Performances:The musicians who comprise the Craicmore ensemble see themselves as another link in the chain of the Celtic musical tradition. They have adapted traditional tunes in a way that epitomizes our twenty-first century global culture. Their arrangements of traditional melodies incorporate the classical symphony orchestra, the electronic “bass” guitar and instruments from cultures as diverse as those of India and Australia: the Shruti box and the Didgeridoo respectively.

The Irish Uilleann, and Scottish bagpipes provide both drone and melody in the Gaelic music tradition. Not surprisingly, drones and drone-like instruments have been a part of musical cultures worldwide since ancient times. Instruments like the Didgeridoo, a long end-blown pipe from the indiginous societies of Australia, and the Shruti Box, a bellows instrument from the classical music tradition of India, naturally compliment the musical sensibilities of Craicmore

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